Your own dictionary -- in minutes!

Now you can have your own dictionary website. Just like this one. You will appear to be very sophisticated to your visitors. You will also be able to generate traffic (from your existing visitors) by providing them with a deeply crosslinked, information rich dictionary with great articles from Wiktionary and Wikipedia. They will browse it, meandering from article to article. You will get revenue from half of the banners. Another half of the banners will be my ads. Which ad is shown will be decided at random.

Getting Started

The easiest way to create your own online dictionary is to define a host in your DNS, such as, pointing to This will get you started. Your domain name will be displayed and not mine. Sponsored links on the home page will NOT be displayed. You are in business!

Note: unless you go further, all banners shown will be mine, which is probably not what you want.

If you want half of your banners shown, email to ichudov AT algebra DOT com, Cc: to ichudov AT yahoo DOT com, stating that you want to have a dictionary on such and such hostname and provide:

For an example of such personalized website, visit Igor Chudov's personal dictionary.

A note on web spiders

This site presents literally an ocean of crosslinked information. Wikipedia, wiktionary and my webster provide over a gigabyte of data. I cannot permit web spiders to crawl this site as many times as there are DNS aliases pointing to it. Therefore, robots.txt for your site wil disallow crawling directory /words/. Your root page will be indexed. I take pains to ensure that rogue spiders are banned.

I have a dictionary! What do I do now?

Very simple. Promote your dictionary on your site. Place links to complicated words, add it to your navigation bar, etc. Example of such a link:

  <A HREF=> Check out my new dictionary! </A>
  <A HREF=> Grenadine </A>

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