About cooldictionary.com


CoolDictionary.com belongs to me, Igor Chudov. I registered it in 2001. I also own algebra.com where I provide Algebra Help.

CoolDictionary.com merges together several data sources: the 1913 webster dictionary with expired copyright, Wikipedia and Wiktionary. All three sources are displayed in a similar manner, and are crosslinked to let users get the information that they want. For example, a user could be browsing an in depth wikipedia article, where every word is a link to the dictionary that would explain its meaning. It also has great integrated pronunciation features and a real Talking Artificial Intelligence Robot.

CoolDictionary is listed in DMOZ as well as in Yahoo! Directory. Because it has been around for a while, and is apparently has many inbound links from some important sites, it has a coveted Google PageRank of 7.

CoolDictionary is also very search engine friendly. It does not use much javascript or flash or other irrelevant technology. Because of this, it gets a decent amount of traffic.

I am selling links from this site.